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I think that we should talk about mental issues in public. Especially in the era of a global pandemic which causes many mental problems, and the worst thing we can do is to leave people in their four silent walls.
Those physical walls built with bricks and concrete can quickly become transparent — you will bring them with you even if you leave your flat. The transparent walls will stay with you and isolate you from society in every place you are.

Little warning

This post is quite personal and subjective. It is by no means a story of someone who has…

I spent many hours of my life playing RPGs. It started in a secondary school with “talking” D&D and Warhammer, and then smoothly moved to less problematic computer games such as Icewind Dale (I still have nightmares related to the second part), Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Morrowind (which is probably my favorite one), and phenomenal The Witcher, of course.

A few years later I logged into World of Warcraft for a while and … logged out after almost two years, due to the necessary visits to the addiction treatment center. …

Moja psychoterapia to uspokojenie

Photo by chester wade on Unsplash

Na początek małe ostrzeżenie

Ten tekst jest dość osobisty, bardzo subiektywny i bynajmniej nie jest opowieścią kogoś, kto się „ogarnął” i teraz wiedzie życie pełne sukcesów, bo dzięki psychoterapii przepracował swoje lęki, skorygował błędne interpretacje otaczającego go świata, odnalazł spokój i wróciła mu wewnętrzna pewność siebie.
To nie jest opowieść o tym jak zostałem zwycięzcą.

Jeśli wolisz przeczytać coś po prostu obiektywnego, to bardzo polecam tekst pt. „Czym jest psychoterapia” napisany przez profesjonalistkę.

Dlaczego to napisałem?

Poczułem potrzebę podzielenia się swoimi przemyśleniami o psychoterapii, gdy po niespełna czterech miesiącach regularnych spotkań z terapeutką dotarliśmy do źródła moich problemów, takiego węzła gordyjskiego w mojej…

As react developers we have to change CSS of the component as a response to props or state change.
One of the popular solution is an approach called “CSS-in-JS” and the libraries like “styled-components”.
You can read more about it in the awesome “All You Need To Know About CSS-in-JS” article.

Also we can write inline CSS in the component, but I don’t like to do that because I keep CSS rules not only in the .css file where I expect them, but also in the random places within the .jsx …

Use react-app-rewired with react-app-rewire-eslint.

The problem

create-react-app a.k.a CRA is a great starter for any React project, because it contains everything what you need to start coding your components.
The only thing you have to do is to npm i -g create-react-app and init your project by create-react-app your-crazy-project.
The major philosophy behind the project is “zero configuration required” which is both the main advantage (for beginners) and disadvantage (for advanced “reacters”).

Sooner or later you will need to customize Webpack configuration, or, like me, to adjust eslint rules. …

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First of all, let’s take a look at the Yeoman official documentation. I don’t know how about you, but for me it gives basic information about the core things, but it isn’t very helpful.
Well, I like tutorials or guides where I can see the entire thing, or, should I say, the context.

The generator

I am going to write tests for my simple-react-component generator, which creates functional or class React component depends on user choose. It also creates boilerplate for components’ tests.
You can look at final test file if you want.


First, we need to install Mocha test framework

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In “real”, professional life I am (front-end) web developer with few years experience in working remotely and stationary in the office, as a part of big international teams as well as doing individual projects and freelancing. But after hours I love to play games. And this article is about one of them.
This is also my first article written in English. I hope you forgive me, Mr. Shakespeare.

The game

The mobile game I write about here is named Portal Quest and is available on Android and iOS. In a few words, the game is all about brainless grinding your heroes, where…

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